first attempt.

this is my first official blog post. uh oh. i’m not sure that i know how to do this, but i’m excited to give it a shot.

i am a new mommy so i’m still figuring out how to get things done with an infant. the little dude is currently napping so i’m typing as fast as i can. haha. just as i was getting used to his nap schedule, he mixes it up on me and now his naps are a lot shorter. i am learning that i can get A LOT accomplished in 30 minutes. let’s see if i can add blogging to that list…

here is the little man that made me a mommy. he makes me smile so much. my cheeks literally hurt from smiling all day long. he is such a happy baby. i am truly blessed with this one.teether he goes by liam, but he probably thinks his name is baby liam. my sweet niece, haddley, calls him baby liam and it just stuck with me.

well looks like the little boy is up…FullSizeRenderahhh that grin gets me every time.

looks like it’s play time for us. let’s see if we can blog and play. i told baby liam that i was going to keep blogging while he played and this is the look i got… so looks like i’ll sit in the floor while i blog. i definitely can’t say no to that little face.ย IMG_6436

well baby liam played his little heart out. he is almost out. he’s trying to stay awake as long as possible, but he’s pretty much done. well scratch that — went to check on the little booger and this is what i see…IMG_6453oh and those smiles are from just pushing out a TON of poo. haha.

okay. now he’s really ready for his nap. clean booty and snuggled up in his swaddle.IMG_6454

okay. i’ve got about 20ish minutes to finish this thing. i want to wrap this blog up talking about how fun it is being a mom. from what i hear, it just keeps getting better and better. ahhh. i can’t wait.

this little boy makes me want so many babies. y’all pray for me. i’m already wanting another one. i had to have a c-section with liam, so i need to wait at least 12 months before trying. ahhh. that’s too long, right? haha.

well liam is napping and this mommy is going to eat something. thanks for stopping by.



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