to the crib we go.

i do not like this one bit. as i write, baby liam is sound asleep in his crib. he’s been sleeping with me for about 2 months, and i have loved it so, so much. he sleeps better when he’s near me and i sleep better when he’s near me, so deciding to let him sleep beside me was a no brainer. if i had it my way, he’d sleep with me until he moves out of the house. haha. anyways— he’s in his crib because the little boy is moving all over the place. this is what i saw when i woke up this morning… 

the little booger started the night next to me and ended up as far from me as he could possibly get. as you could imagine, seeing him over there really freaked me out. he was so, so close to the edge of the bed, and there is a pretty good size opening between the wall & the bed. you see, we just rearranged our room to bring his crib in there and because our room is small, we had to push the bed up against the wall. not our favorite spot for the bed but anything for baby liam. haha. for real though, he could have easily wiggled a little bit more and got stuck in that opening. so scary. 

 so to the crib we go. night one of transitioning to the crib went a lot better than i imagined. he only whined for 30-40 minutes before falling asleep. he tried to cry a few times, but i was there to calm him before he got carried away. one big bummer about having to put him in his crib is that he JUST started sleeping through the night. i have no clue how tonight will go, but i am assuming he probably won’t sleep as good as he does with me. ahhhh. even as i type this post, i just want to go pick him up and bring him to bed with me. this is probably going to be harder on me than it is on him. ugh. i don’t like this one bit.

well since he’s still asleep, i am going to try to get some rest. i will post tomorrow to let y’all know how he does. 

thanks for stopping by & talk to you soon.




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