co-sleep forever.

okay. so if you haven’t read my “to the crib we go” post, you probably didn’t know that we are co-sleeping. co-sleeping is the practice of having your infant in bed with you during sleep. oh please don’t judge me. why wouldn’t i want to wake up with this dude every morning…

FullSizeRender (9)

yeah. he makes every morning so much fun.

anyways— it has worked so, so well for us. if you know anything about babies, you know that those night time feeding sessions can be challenging. you just want to feed your baby and put him/her to bed as quickly as possible. for those of you who breastfeed, i’m sure you can see how those night time nursing sessions would be super easy if you co-slept. yeah. lately i’ve been thinking that liam could be eating and i not even know about it. he usually sleeps nestled under my arm, and he knows where the milk is so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was feasting all through the night. ha ha! here is what most nights look like…

FullSizeRender (7)

he’s oh so sweet. anyways— i wanted to write this post because i read an article that just reaffirmed my decision to co-sleep. i don’t consider myself to be a very emotional person, but this article did it for me.

if you aren’t familiar with oklahoma state or college basketball, you may have not heard about the horrible tragedy on january 27, 2001. oklahoma state was playing at the university of colorado and on the way home, one of the jets crashed. all 10 lives on board were lost in the crash.

of course, the entire article is incredibly sad, but the beginning and end of the article really got to me. shew. the very end just sent the tears streaming.

i mean s  t  r  e  a  m  i  n  g.

just in case you don’t have time to read the article, nate is one of the basketball players that lost his life in the plane crash, and zane is his father. kyle is the assistant coach who switched planes with nate at the last minute. here is the part that got me…

“So, listen. We’re going to have a boy, and we’d like to honor Nate. We’d like to name him Kemper Nathan Keller. I hope he can be half the boy that Nate was.”

Zane broke down again. There was no closure eight years later, nine years later or 10 years later. Zane and Kyle decided that there never would be closure, that maybe the lessons of Nate, the daydreams of Nate would have to do.

When Kemper Nathan turned 1, Kyle knew the little guy would be special. For instance, the baby always climbed out of his crib and curled into Kyle’s bed. Kyle knew that letting him stay set a bad precedent, that he should put a stop to it. He called Zane on the phone one night, just to chat, and the sleeping issue came up. He asked whether he should just lock the master bedroom door and force little Kemper Nathan to stay in his crib. He asked whether he should just let the baby cry all night in his room.

There was a pause.

“No,” Zane said to Kyle. “Let him in your bed. Let him in your bed as long as you can. As long as you can.”

so yeah. are those tears streaming for you? if you’re a mom or dad, i’m sure you’re crying like a baby right now. just the thought that liam may not always be on this earth with me made me realize that co-sleeping is exactly what i want to do. forever.

jokingly, i told my mom that liam will even sleep with me when he’s got friends over. ha ha! his friends can have his room, and he will just sleep with mommy. i’m sure he’ll love that, right? ha ha! he won’t get teased for that, right? 😉 looks like he loves it already…

FullSizeRender (6)

ha ha! well i’m sorry for the somber post. that article was too good not to share. i hope you enjoyed it!




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